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Corona Virus (COVID-19)

As the world is in the midst of this major pandemic, we can all do our bit to fight the Corona virus.

The reason this virus is spreading so quickly is because it stays in the system for upto 14 days before the symptoms presents.


  1. As the government has advised social distancing is a policy that actually works, scientist have discovers the main means of infection is by infected droplets coming in contact with other human beings and entering the system through the eye, mouth and nose.
  2. Wash your hand
  3. Wear a face mask
  4. If you have the following symptoms (cough, high temperature and shortness of breath). Does not always indicate you have COVID-19 but you should self isolate and call 111 for further advise.


We at Lais Opticians have decided to operate reduced hours and close certain days. This is to maintain a safe environment for our staff and the community.

All our stores and stock is disinfected after every patient. Given access to hand washing facilities to all our customers.

We have a dedicated phone line (07908 637705) for customer wishing to discuss glasses, contact lenses, appointment or have an ocular emergency. We also have introduced our online store for purchases.

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